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Handmade Cosmetic Alliance

Unifying the voice of small businesses owners for elected officials seeking legislative changes.

Handmade Soap & Cosmetic Small Businesses

Most in the Handmade Cosmetic and Soap Industry started making soaps and lotions out of a desire to provide themselves and family with more natural based skin care products. Before they knew it, friends and extended family were appreciating the product quality and offering to pay for small batch extras. From there many profitable small businesses are born.

Handmade soap and cosmetic companies take pride in the products they make and are committed to producing the safest products possible. Using largely food-grade ingredients, handmade cosmetic makers produce products that are used on their children, family, friends and are sold face-to-face to neighbors and valued customers.

The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance (HCA) was founded by artisan and accomplished business owner Debbie May, President and CEO Wholesale Supplies Plus.

In 2012 Debbie gathered industry stakeholders together to form the Handmade Cosmetic Alliance. She found that large industry and consumer groups were lobbying federal officials to protect their own interests, often at the expense of small businesses. By organizing a single unified voice, the HCA has the ability to assist federal legislators in preserving small handmade cosmetic businesses.

Over 300,000 small businesses produce small batch, handmade soap and cosmetics.  95% are woman owned.

On average, these small businesses employ 1 to 3 people thus creating 300,000 to 900,000 jobs in local communities.

Over 95% of the ingredients used to produce handmade cosmetics can be purchased at local grocery stores.

Supports safe ingredients.  If an ingredient is unsafe we want to know so we can remove it from products.

Our Unified Voice & Testimony

The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance (HCA) carries a unified voice of Handmade Soap and Cosmetic Businesses.  We have the most up-to-date industry statistics on this growing industry segment, making it the ideal partner.  We look to help Congress and others to identify the legislative impact on handmade soap and cosmetic small businesses.  The HCA has over 15,000 members and over 50,000 active stakeholders providing unique industry insight and impact statements.

When the House Energy and Commerce Committee explored the “State of Cosmetics”, Debbie May testified and answered questions on behalf of small businesses specializing in hand producing small batches of soaps and cosmetics.  As a result, legislation that would have been detrimental to small businesses did not become law.  To read the testimony, Click Here.

Take action!  Write your Congressperson and let him/her know you are a constituent and you are writing because you need their help. You are one of over 300,000 handmade soap and cosmetic small businesses in the United States. An industry comprised of primarily home-based small businesses that are estimated to provide between 300,000 and 900,000 community based jobs.

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